WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 111 - Scorned / Mail Order Bride - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 111 – Scorned / Mail Order Bride



“Till death do us part,” they say. That statement rings all too true in today’s episode of World of Death.

First up, in Mike McKown’s SCORNED, a beautiful woman slaves away cooking and cleaning, all in the preparation for her beau’s return home. Sitting in her sexy lingerie, she slowly becomes more and more impatient. As luck would have it, modern technology has provided her with the opportunity to find out why her man has been delayed and when she finds him, she is NOT happy! I dig the twist in the climax of this flick and definitely think it’s worth a watch. After all, couples that kill together, stay together.

Next up is THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE, directed by Krystyna Nicely. Initially, we receive flashes of a bloody crime before being brought to modern day as a pair of newlyweds arrives at their new house for the first time. As our groom carries his bride over the threshold he tells her of the murderous past surrounding their house, thus the inexpensive price! As we progress, we come to find that our murder victim hasn’t left the premises and that she has one helluva bone to pick with members of the opposite sex.

Well, I can certainly say after watching this episode I don’t feel so bad being single! Thanks for tuning in and be on the look out for some really awesome shorts coming up as we move towards our favorite holiday, Halloween! Until next time, enjoy your stay in the World of Death.
– Tony Wash

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