WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 120 - Misunderstanding / Mistake - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 120 – Misunderstanding / Mistake



This week’s World of Death episode finds the viewer trapped in the often horrific world of chance and consequence. Where, perhaps, the only thing to fear is fear itself… or masked home invaders.

Opening the episode is Dan Frantz’s darkly comedic MISUNDERSTANDING. Here the audience is thrown into the middle of a savage domestic home invasion. As the masked assailants become more forceful, cracks begin to appear in the otherwise familiar home invasion narrative.

What makes Misunderstanding so effective is Frantz’s understanding of the genre and his ability to perverse it. The audience is put into the action so quickly they might miss a vital puzzle piece that grounds the ironically blunt ending. The violence here is also particularly stunning. This coupled with stomach-churning sound design makes for a highly effective existential nightmare.

Up next is Pete Navarro’s MISTAKE. A voyeuristic short that chronicles the nasty night of an unsuspecting domestic couple. Once again, genre expectations are subverted as the man attempts to investigate a noise upstairs. Navarro’s short feels voyeuristic in the sense that the camera often portraits the subjects for a distance as opposed to being inside the action. This gives the impression of a presence or even suggests that the audience’s need for conflict is the real villain.

Mistake is shot rather dark and this can become distracting at times, however, watching this series of extremely unfortunate events reminds us that real horror isn’t always ghouls and killers.
– Jordan Wippell

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