WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 131 - She Haunts Me / Self-Invited Guest - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 131 – She Haunts Me / Self-Invited Guest



Hey WODers.

Time to start another exciting week as we edge closer to the holidays. While not everyone can spend Thanksgiving, this other widely celebrated tradition of “Friendsgiving” has taken the place of the popular American holiday. People orpahned from the families or transplanted in cities far away from home, unable to afford the trip are getting together and doing their own thing. We have a couple tales for you about messed up relationships and friendships.

First, we have SHE HAUNTS ME by director Justin McConnell. In this one, a man is having a hard time falling a asleep and finds himself awake during the famed witching hour. They say this is the time of night when the spirit world is most active and this one proves it. Judging by the interactions between the living and the dead in this one can lead you in so many directions as to how they’re related. You decide for yourself. This one is super short, starts with a creepy feeling and ends with a chuckle.

Second, we have SELF-INVITED GUEST from Melisafilm. Ironically, this movie comes all the way from Turkey (sticking with a Thanksgiving theme). This tale centers around a couple buddies getting together for some drinks and good conversation. However, it seems like the guy showing up isn’t as wanted by the homeowner, as he hopes to be. Sometimes, even bringing booze isn’t enough to let that one asshole in your house you don’t want. And just like Thanksgiving, most of us will be letting an asshole or two into our homes for dinner. Most likely, an in-law. The best we can do is handle it in a civil manner and try not to psychotically snap. This film will put you in the driver’s seat and act as a great simulation in dealing with unwanted houseguests. Consider this a training video on what NOT to do.

Roll it!
– Dominick DeLuca

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