WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 132 - Sweetlings S1: Eps. 4-5 - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 132 – Sweetlings S1: Eps. 4-5



I’m not saying I’m jaded, but there’s very few things that light a fire under my ass these days. Like most of us I grew up loving low budget independent horror cinema, the celluloid equivalent of punk rock. Flash forward a “couple” years and that thrill is all but gone. You can buy Misfits shirts at Hot Topic and the internet is rife with low budget schmaltzy horror and trash. It all feels so disingenuous. Is anything dangerous anymore? Are there any contemporaries that are legit keepers of the flame?

Rick Swenson’s Sweetlings web series answers that question with a resounding FUCK YES!

If you haven’t already check out WOD Episode #130 for the first three parts of the Sweetlings web series, and then come right back here to check out the last two episodes of the first season. This shit is good. This shit is REAL good. I don’t know how else to sell it except to say it contains girls, fucking monsters and sweet pictures of Jesus in the background. But it’s the trio of swarthy Lotharios that show up for the titular “Sweetlings” impromptu party that totally sell Rick Swenson’s love for low budget trash cinema and all things Troma.

Support Rick for making Sweetlings and support Tony and World of Death for giving it a home. Binge watch the first season available now on WOD (less than 15 minutes total) and then eagerly wait with baited breath for season two streaming sometime soon.
– Pat O’Sullivan

World of Death is the web series that fans of independent horror have been waiting for.  Featuring short horror films from all over the globe created by the largest variety of talent that a collection has ever been able to boast, WOD provides plenty of blood, guts, screams and laughs for all fans of the macabre.  And with episodes averaging around eight minutes in length, WOD is the perfect entertainment for a fan base constantly on the go.  Watch it anywhere, at any time, for FREE! New episodes premiere every Monday and Thursday at 10am CST.





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