WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 133 - Born Again - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 133 – Born Again



Ohhhhhhhh baby!!!!!!! You are going to enjoy this one boils and ghouls!

Director and writer, Jason Tostevin takes the dark comedy up a notch with his gut wrenching and nefarious incantation, BORN AGAIN. Featuring horror indie darling, Ellie Church as the vessel for 5 Satanists, who clearly haven’t gone pro in the dark arts, during a summoning that have hilarious results when trying to bring forth the Dark One. If one doesn’t think horror and comedy can mix, tell me how you feel after you witness an adult human size 12 foot emerge out of the lovely Ms. Church while a doofus is wearing a panda mask. Tostevin does an excellent job directing and leaving the production design simple, while keeping the intensity of the summoning malevolent with a sprinkling of humor. The effective delivery of the dialogue is largely attributed to co-writer and co-star Randall Greenland who made me giggle every time he appeared on screen. Once you watch this viewer, have it play again and close your eyes to appreciate the incredible work of sound designer, Jordan Fehr. While I was writing this review and letting the film play, I realized the myriad of faces of disgust I was making due to Fehr’s superb work. Excellent editing by Brant Jones and an exceptional comedic performance by Ellie Church also play a part in this short being one of the top films of the year. HELL, even the poster for this film is phenomenal! One thing is certain, the last moments will leave viewer’s with 2 words, Holy Shit!
Enjoy yourself fiends until we read again!

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– Cati Glidewell

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