WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 149 - Ending the Eternal / Molly's Mommy - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 149 – Ending the Eternal / Molly’s Mommy



It’s that time again, Grimms and Jinns, for two more tales of terror. People are often frightened of what waits for them in the dark. They fail to understand that maybe the dark hides them as much as it hides what they are afraid of. Episode 149 has a double dose of stories where it wasn’t the wisest action to turn on the lights.

Our first film, Ending the Eternal – written, directed and edited by Justin McConnell, begins at the end of what seems like a typical day for a regular guy named Samuel Gradius. You see his frustration by what’s not entertaining him on the television. He flips thru the channels clicking away on his remote while sitting in his recliner. He gets up and the camera follows him reaching inside a cabinet for a glass, with the camera doing an unusual focus on the glasses of the cabinet when most would focus on our lead’s face. He pours a drink from the refrigerator, finishes it, heads to bed and proclaims, ‘Lights!’, which makes the room go dark and Samuel drifts off to slumber town with a sly grin on his face. The actions of a masked trio intermingle with Samuel’s; pulling up in a van, climbing the stairs to Samuel’s apartment, breaking in and then proceeding to cause harm to our guy. A slow burn buildup leads to a fantastic job in acting, editing and a lesson that when paid to do evil deeds, you must always pay attention to the details. Samuel Gradius is a character that deserves a series or at least a sequel and that is due to the charismatic and compelling performance by actor, Adam Kenneth Wilson. Wilson’s delivery is killing while he’s killing and he is spectacular. This is a leading man that the film industry should be getting behind. An exceptional score by Rob Kleiner blends old school mystery with modern suspense that is exemplified in the eeriness with his mix of genres in music from the opening scene to the end credits. Solid practical effects, dialogue and a comedic twist keep the pace of the film moving without a dull moment. Pay attention boils and ghouls, to the first line and last line. Sometimes it’s better to be kept in the dark.

Our next film, Molly’s Mommy – written, directed and edited by Pete Navarro, is a prime example of why one should hire a babysitter that is smarter than the actual baby. Bored while watching a small child, a girl gets coerced by her friend’s phone call request, to invoke a spirit from an urban legend, in her employer’s bathroom. Write Molly on the mirror, say the incantation in the dark and when you light a lighter, Molly will appear behind you. Now while I understand keeping a small child alive may be boring to some, there is a thing called the internet and a fancy new device called cable television that can keep one entertained while not relying on black magic to get your kicks for the minimum hours you have to watch a tiny human being. Navarro does a good job of manipulating the minimum amount of light in scenes to exude maximum scares. Adding to the suspense and terror is a creepy, instrumental lullaby whose melody alludes the viewer to the fact that Molly may have gotten what she wanted. Maybe someone or some THING should have blown that lighter out.

Enjoy the scares and keep those lights turned off!

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– Cati Glidewell

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