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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 153 – “Leave Us Alone”




Today’s episode of World of Death deals with the criminally underused trope of alien abduction. Leave Us Alone comes to us from Canadian writer/director Nicholas Treeshin. Treeshin has an extensive history on both sides of the camera (including a guest spot on Battlestar Galactica), but Leave Us Alone illustrates his definite knack for orchestrating tales of sci-fi/horror insanity.

Told through a series of flashback, Leave Us Alone follows prodigal daughter Sam (Leah Gibson) as she returns home to the family farm to finally learn the truth about the family business; her ancestors made a deal with aliens. In return for abundant harvests the aliens would be allowed to roam the grounds of the farm and do what aliens do best – alien type shit.

Are there abductions? Yes. Are people left in the woods naked and covered in goo? Yes. Do heads explode? Yes. Are there mech suits? Thank the lord almighty yes! I’m not saying this film has EVERYTHING when it comes to an alien-centric spectacle but it’s got the majority of its bases covered.

Give the link a click and check out what Mr. Treeshin has to say on the matter of robots invading farms and whether or not we should make shady deals with them. Kids, you might actually learn something.

– Pat O’Sullivan

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