WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 157 - Cabrito - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 157 – Cabrito



Well Creeps and Creatures, it’s that time again for another episode of the macabre and malevolent for your viewing pleasure. WARNING: This one is not for the squeamish or those that have recently had a child.

In “Cabrito”, director Luciano de Azevedo directs, edits, co-writes and shares cinematographer duties on his short film that glimpses into the complicated life of a man and the two women he cannot please. A son (Samir Hauaji) who shares a home with his mother (Sandra Emilia Costa), is living in poverty and destitute in a rural town in Brazil. He is bombarded by his mother’s religious beliefs and verbal abuse regarding his inability to provide food for them. I enjoyed how Azevedo makes every scene with Costa and Hauaji focused and clear, showing the unrelenting barrage of insults this woman spews to her son on a daily basis as he sits in silence. I also enjoyed the use of candle light in their scenes to highlight the framed picture of Jesus as “he” watches every word that is projected towards the son, almost as a warning that someone is always watching. Costa is excellent in her delivery and facial expressions of disgust at the son she has created.

The son’s relief should come from his lover, who is not only a prostitute, but also pregnant with our guy’s baby. When our lead goes to his lover’s abode, Azevedo saturates the screen with a crimson tint, starting from the walk to her apartment and continuing every time he is in her bed. In my opinion, this does a phenomenal job hinting at the sin and lust the son exudes in these scenes of alleviation from the nag that bore him. These scenes are also out of focus at times and the anger and frustration that he bottles up with his mother explodes towards his lover, but how much of this is actually real? In between scenes with his two women, we are given glimpses of blood and flesh as we enter the nightmares that plague our lead and they are something, let me tell you. It is ironic that his mother, with her high moral standards, seems to actually want the “Calf” that her son has made with his lover, despite her being a prostitute because of their financial situation and barely able to feed themselves. While the film foreshadows the conclusion throughout, even from the very beginning, the climax is nothing short of a fever dream laced with Malort and meth that draws cinematic comparisons to films such as “Baskin”, “Dumplings” and “A Serbian Film”, with a reveal that I did not see coming. Eat sparingly freaks and fiends because this is not for those of you with a weak demeanor.
Fantastic job with direction by Azevedo as well as the three leads, highlighted again by the phenomenal performance by Sandra Emilia Costa. Azevedo needs to make a feature with a big budget, NOW!

Enjoy this one and until next time!

Scaring, caring and sharing,
– Cati Glidewell

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