WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 159 - The Hunt - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 159 – The Hunt



Happy Monday all you WOD Watchers out there!

So here we are again on another exciting Monday, trying to take on our week. It’s been a trying time in America lately, and I for one, am exhausted. I usually try to keep a light attitude when writing these, but I feel obligated to at least acknowledge what’s filling our social media feeds these days.

Following the recent tragedy in Florida, the gun debate has been revved up and hit full throttle once again. Only this time, the engine isn’t stalling out. More voices are being heard and more conversations are happening than ever before. As exhausting as it may be, it’s probably a good thing that we’re at least discussing the issues. No matter what side of the debate you fall on, I hope we can all agree on some sort of compromise that makes everyone happy. These debates are tearing families apart and dividing the masses, but as I said before, I just hope it leads to better communication and a mass reduction in violent deaths. Let’s keep the violent deaths to our movie screens and film sets, where everyone walks away happy post mortem.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m even bringing all of this up. Great question! It’s actually a perfect lead into our featured film of the day. We have a juicy horror nugget for you today. Today’s film is a special one called THE HUNT and it’s coming from our neighbors to the north in Calgary, Alberta. Director Spencer Estabrooks brings us a gripping tale of a father/son duo on a hunting trip in the middle of nowhere. When they get back to their RV to call it a night, they have a serious discussion of what it means to be a man and how important it is to prove you’re the dominant species in this world. Of course, you can probably guess who is on what side of this argument between the father and son. Being unwanted guests in the middle of the forest, they turn in for the night and are visited by an unwanted guest of their own. Considering the visuals of the film and being shot in such a confined space of an RV trailer, it was incredibly shot. The dynamic between the father and son is great, as well. What really sold me on this movie was the creature effects. It was old-school practical effects and was shot and lit perfectly. The reality of the situation shined through, and gives the audience a claustrophobic scare.

So whether or not you believe in hunting or gun ownership, this film has it all. It shows us that no matter our beliefs, our loved ones and the people around us are what matters most. They are what give us worth. So you do whatever you feel you need to in order to protect them. Whether it be legal ownership of firearms or advocating for stricter gun laws, let’s at least be open with each other and learn to co-exist.

Until then, we’ll continue to give you all the blood and carnage to satisfy your sick thirsts, in lieu of the real tragedies of the world. We can’t solve all the problems of the world, but we can damn sure give you a few minutes to escape from it.

Roll it!
– Dominick DeLuca

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