WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 166 - "DeepThing" Comes From Beneath the Abyss - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 166 – “DeepThing” Comes From Beneath the Abyss



World of Death is not a stranger to the bizarre, brutal and beautiful. DeepThing proves that in spades, creeps, and creatures!

A definite psychedelic ‘trip’ in more ways than one, K.W. Roach has created a hallucinogenic mind twist that manages to place a significant amount of horror stereotypes in a short time period with DeepThing. It begins with a famous quote, then reveals ‘The following is based on actual accounts’ to increase the curious fearful tension. We open with the view of a desolate house at night and cut to a being whose face is wrapped in bandages and whose eyes cry out in a painful yearning stare before the title rolls up. This is followed by noted time lapses, a reference to either Egyptian mythology or…. Assassin’s Creed (I’m still on the fence with that one), symbolism, and The End.

After watching this film a half a dozen times, I was reminded of the works of Lucio Fulci, Gore Verbinski, H.P. Lovecraft and Barney’s film from the episode of “The Simpsons”, ‘A Star is Burns’. Kudos should be given to sound design for capturing the lullaby of the night sounds of nature and to the editing for the mesmerizing depth of the layers and fades they create throughout the film. With no spoken dialogue, the subtitles read like a broken haiku but in my opinion accompany the objects seen with significant suggestive symbolism: pearls signifying ‘pearls of wisdom’, falling into ‘the salt of the earth’, eyes that reflect and open into ‘the window of the soul’, a blood moon that leads the world into darkness before ‘HE returns’ with a Happy Birthday pin representing rebirth. Let’s face it, I could be way off in all of these references but finding Sid Haig’s Capt. Spaulding during all of that definitely deserves a special prize! Let’s see if anyone else can win that challenge.

Now, I am in no way advising you to partake in any substance that would induce mind-altering behavior, such as the main character partakes in the film, but…. if you were to indulge in that sort of thing… now would be the time to do it!

A threepeat of this unique piece of work would be my recommendation to pick up on all of the little and big things that Roach was throwing out there for your demented viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Scaring, Sharing, and Caring, as always.

– Cati Glidewell

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