WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 173 - FOET - Bloody Disgusting
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Good morning my fashion-forward friends and neighbors.

Haven’t you ever noticed how spectacular those who are in the know can look when they go out on the town? It is a fact we must get used to, in order to keep on trend we have to be aware of the latest things not only on the runways of Paris and Milan but in other places like the streets of New York. It’s not just about the designer nowadays, it is about the very stitches that make up the piece.

Everyone is aware that child labor is a bad thing, so why not ensure you get good and properly made products by shopping only at the most selective merchants? In today’s short film we discover that even the most principled consumer may still have a taste for the exotic. In a world were we have uncovered and made almost everything imaginable, well what can we find that is even rarer and more exotic? Maybe we need to make something ourselves? Human flesh has been done, but the good people making FOET have discovered a new way. I’m not going to give away the hook, that is for you to decide. Just keep an open mind and remember that legal means legal for everyone. Watch as Ian Fischer takes you on a surreal journey through the dilemmas that those of us who care about looking our best have to endure. The best products, the most rare, come with a price. Trust me, if you want to turn heads, and can sleep through the night, you want to look at FOET.

That is all for today, keep checking back with us for more gruesome tales that make you happy that you are safe, for now, in this World of Death.
– Eric Breitenbach

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