WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 176 - "Vessel" - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 176 – “Vessel”



Before we get into specifics, let’s note that persons with any type of photo-triggered seizure condition should probably skip this episode. Your humble reviewer is prone to photosensitive migraines, and I stopped this short on first viewing, went to take some Excedrin (Hey, the opening credits do flash “Please Take Drugs Now!”), waited an hour and then came back to try again. With that little disclaimer out of the way, it is to the immediate credit of director Wayne Pombert II that I returned for a second shot. If you can make my head explode in pain, but get me to come back for more, you’ve certainly done something right.

So… Sandra and Edmond, sitting in a cage… T-A-L-K-I-N-G. Sandra and Edmond. Talking. Is Sandra crazy? Talking. Is Sandra possessed? Edmond. Talking. Talking. Is Sandra suicidal? Talking. Don’t hurt yourself. Talking. Is Edmond a memory (Lover) or a hallucination (Doctor) or a supernatural elements (Don’t hurt yourself)? Is Edmond a memory? Is Sandra possessed? Don’t don’t don’t hurt yourself. Don’t memory, possessed–take drugs now–or is Edmond a supernatural element? The Doctor (Sandra) seems to think the memory supernatural lover (Edmond) is a hallucination-memory. Sandra hates Edmond, loves Edmond, don’t hurt (THESE SAVAGES HAVE DONE ENOUGH) yourself, Sandra. There are only two options for Edmond and he’s taken the least-shitty hallucination. Disclaimer: don’t hurt yourself with drugs now, with drugs now, take drugs, savages. Edmond is a memory of a lover of a supernatural element and the least-shitty drugs now. Sandra and Edmond, so… T-A-L-K-IN-a-caGe. In a cage. Possessed a cage. Doctor, don’t hurt yourself, Doctor, don’t hurt Sandra, Doctor, don’t Doctor, Edmond, don’t take Sandra’s drugs, don’t cage Doctor, Doctor, don’t love Sandra. It’s been three days, who is the Vessel?

It’s kind of like that.

Obviously, “Vessel” is pretty trippy and disorienting. David Pierson’s script has functional dialog, actors Anastasia Edwards, Guy Mayfield and Keith Kelly all deliver their lines well (Edwards, in particular also is very expressive in her body language and facial expressions), everything is well shot and framed, but the real heroes on this production are composer Jared Alvear, audio designer/mixer Armando Terrazas, and (especially) editor/vfx/color grader B. A. Lewandowski (D.C.E.). Under the guidance of director Wayne Pombert II the pace of the film is unrelenting with a near-constant barrage of shifting color treatments, film looks, overlapped imaged, mirrored and flipped frames, dialog echoing around, repeating, looping, echoing around, repeating, looping. Color looks, film treatments, near-constant barrage, heroes, heroes, repeating editor. Repeating. Unrelenting repeating. Sandra, who is the Vessel.

– Michael M. Miller

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