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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 177 – “Propagation”



Most of us lucky enough to have come of age in the 80s/90s have a special relationship with music videos. They possessed the power (at times) to elevate themselves beyond mere marketing tools for musicians and into a legitimate form of artistic expression. The perfect marriage between the audio and the visual, short films set to a singular song. You don’t see them as much anymore, MTV is a thing of the past but occasionally an artist will release one that makes people take notice.

This week’s World of Death offering comes to us from writer/director duo Will Joines and Karrie Crouse, providing a chilling tale of suburban subservience to the sounds of New York DJ Com Truise’s song Propagation. Com Truise’s track is more of the synthwave, ambient techno variety that lends itself to a film score anyway, so there’s no clunky lyrics here hammering home a point. The music sets the tone, while Joines and Course’s visuals let the narrative unfold. It’s a truly beautiful marriage of two artisans who are experts in their craft.

It sure as shit ain’t Beastie Boys’ Sabotage or even November Rain, but Propagation was an official selection of the 2018 SXSW festival. Self-described as “A techno-dystopian vignette that could be a miniature episode of Black Mirror” I’d rank it somewhere between Aerosmith’s Cryin‘ and Amazing.

Let’s see more of these people. Filmmakers collaborate with musicians and vice versa. Find whoever’s doing the Misfits thing in your hometown and have them string together a couple 3-minute songs into a rock opera, then get some fake blood and bring it to life. Music videos aren’t necessarily a new idea, but they’re one that will never go out of style.

– Pat O’Sullivan

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