WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 191 - Hero From Outer Space / Mutant Monks From Outer Space - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 191 – Hero From Outer Space / Mutant Monks From Outer Space



Hey all you creepies and crawlies, it’s the beginning of October and time once again for a new episode of World of Death!!! This episode has not one but two sci-fi sensations that have something in common,: visitors from the beyond. While both of these films may not have little green beings that want to probe you where the sun don’t shine, they are both OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! (Cue the cheese and crackers.)

In writer/director/producer Brad Lohan’s, Hero from Outer Space, you have the beginning of what could be one of the greatest spaceman stories of all time!!! Or a short that pays tribute to those great spacemen stories from the 50s and 60s. When Eric gets dumped by his girlfriend because of his over love for memorabilia and space stories and not enough for her, it is the beginning of a very odd day. One insight of why this guy got dumped, he has a superhero sidekick costume rets to go at a moments notice hanging over a dividing piece in his living room. The script is both kitschy and possibly slighty personal with lines such as, “Want something to drink? I’ve got a fridge full of Soylent.” and when discussing girlfriends,” All they want you to do is buy them a Disneyland annual pass. It’s just not normal.” Kudos need to be given to Director of photography Felipe Borges for this steady hand, the solid editing by Jason Crossman and the excellent title sequence design by Sean Gleaves. Title sequence is something that can be overlooked and under appreciated and the work that Gleaves does immediately draws one in to the film along with the fantastic music that is reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode. A small cast, central filming location and excellent camerawork highlight this funny, short and sweet film. I would like to see where it would have gone after the last scream with Deimos the alien and the rest of the crew.

In directors Harry Bartholomew and Wesley Skelly’s, Mutant Monks from Outer Space you have a Planet 9 style B movie goodness with monks from outer space sent to Earth to impregnate our women and spread their seed. “Those Jesus freaks sex perverts have landed! This is gonna get ugly before it gets pretty” It is the type of film that if this was a feature would be shown on USA’s UP ALL NIGHT. This has aliens, intrigue, betrayal, family issues, family betrayal, outer space monks, sex, sex with monks from outer space, government cover ups, unnecessary face swapping, a killer end credit theme song and a hilarious attempt to show a brain melt that resembles the face melt from Raiders of the Lost Ark. But even with all of those amazing accomplishments the best thing about the film, in my opinion, is the phenomenal catchy theme song by Rusty Apper whose lyrics were written by Wesley Skelly. Skelly wore many hats in the film including playing Beta Monk, music composer, lyricist for the theme song, editor, co-writer and co-director as mentioned before. The graininess and faded look, missing sequences and reels off kilter let the audience know that while the film doesn’t take itself too seriously, this crew knew EXACTLY what they were doing! It would be Boooooooooshit if one doesn’t enjoy the ridiculousness of the final product.

Welcome to October for this year of fear boils and ghouls and enjoy all the scares that are out there! Until next time!

Scaring, sharing and scaring,

Cati Glidewell

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