[World of Death] Ep. 196 - "Hushy Bye" - Bloody Disgusting
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[World of Death] Ep. 196 – “Hushy Bye”



Be very, very quiet Friends and Neighbors, the baby is sleeping. The last thing we need tonight is to wake the baby and have him screaming bloody murder all into the house. Next thing you know he’ll wake mommy and we simply can’t have that. She works so tirelessly you know and needs her rest.

Let’s look in on Daniel and Laura, a pair of new parents featured in tonight’s lullaby by the name of “Hushy Bye” by director James Webber. Oh look, somebody hasn’t listened to my advice. Now Daniel, don’t get mad that the baby is crying, go take care of him. But be careful Daniel, for things are not always what they seem. Yes, I do suggest you trust your instincts, there is a counterpart of ‘mother’s intuition’ that fathers may possess…

This macabre tale of horror strikes deep into the vein of fear that all people have about the night. What lurks in the dark? Whatever it is, we never know if we can trust it. Somehow, the more things attempt to lull us into a sense of calm, the more on edge we become. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you find out the truth… but will that knowledge give you any solace? Find out as you watch this story unfold.

That is all, for now, friends and neighbors. Do you dare trust the night? I assure you there is a simple solution. When you go to sleep, just leave on the lights.

– Eric Breitenbach

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