WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 198 - Time's Up Eve - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 198 – Time’s Up Eve



Hello watchers!

We’re back again to bring you the best in terrifying shorts from around the globe. We’re only 2 episodes away from the big 200! Can you believe that?! Hard to believe it’s been 198 episodes of scares and gore and dread. I urge you all to go back watch all of your favorite episodes in preparation for this milestone. Let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites.

We’re also just a day from mass consumption of carbs and tryptophan. That’s right, it’s almost Thanksgiving. It feels like just yesterday was Halloween and now here we are staring down the hollow ass of a turkey carcass while Aunt Ethel gets drunk on Chardonnay and passes out under the kids’ table. To commemorate such an occasion, we just want to express our own thanks to all of you. We are truly thankful for all you fans out there that have stuck with us through all of these episodes. We’re thankful for all of the wonderfully creative and downright morbid filmmakers that have come together and given us a chance to curate their hard work. So again, THANK YOU ALL!

Speaking of consumption, that brings me to the introduction of our next shorty we have for you. Today’s film comes from director Patrick Rea. It’s called Time’s Up, Eve and it’s a serious throwback. Eve is a woman on the run and hiding from an unseen invasion of beings here to collect our souls. When faced with a difficult decision, she must choose between two very dark paths. This one is shot in black and white and has a very Twilight Zone feel to it, which is delightful. They nailed the lighting and that is the most important part of shooting B&W. It did remind me heavily of a Tales From the Crypt episode called Doctor of Horror, but deviates from that story to blaze it’s own trail.

So engorge yourselves with the flick and loosen the belt buckles, because you’re in for a 3 course feast.

Roll it!
– Dominick DeLuca

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