WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 199 - "The Third Degree" - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 199 – “The Third Degree”



Batter up for this week’s World of Death

Set amongst the backdrop of an eerie vacant building, Writer/Director/Editor Peter Grabicki pits a conflicting family against a relentless duo of bat-wielding skeletal assailants.

Notable aspects of this short include its retro-style score, narrated story-telling, and costume design.

Cameron Zane Gorman’s music helps to really elevate the tension during this family’s dreadful night. As the horrifying story is retold, electronic beats continue throughout the chaos. This style adds a unique flair to the film as a whole, almost giving it a classic-style horror film vibe. The gory and practical makeup also adds to the retro spook factor.

The story is told in past tense, with the protagonist timidly explaining the terror that struck her family that night. Jennie Oliver masterfully shows restraint and fear as she struggles to recall the tragedy. This element helps the story feel more personal and allows the film to jump around seamlessly, excluding unnecessary scenes.

Capping off this spooky little short is the haunting costume design of the assailants. Sporting black clothing and illuminated skeleton masks, the assailants are quite the frightful sight. The illuminated skull stands out within dark spaces, making it seem as if it is just a floating skull. In addition, the purple mask colors give a contrasting and abstract color scheme to the two characters. Similar to horror classics such as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, these characters don’t say a word. They just kill.

One piece of advice the filmmakers could take into consideration would be to recolor some of the shots. Several shots appeared as if they were taken straight off the SD card, with crystal clear imagery and bright lighting. Adding a bit of grain or gloom to the color scheme would contribute to the foreboding tone much better. Other than that, the camera work was rather impressive featuring a plethora of smoothly moving shots.

Overall this week’s World of Death is spooky dose of classic horror fun. Make sure to watch until the end for an unsettling revelation!

– Noah Levine

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