[Interview] Tom Six Builds the Lore of 'The Human Centipede'
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[Interview] Tom Six Builds the Lore of ‘The Human Centipede’ (Exclusive)



Human Centipede 3

This Friday IFC assembles the final chapter in the Human Centipede franchise.

Many are fans of the franchise, some watch it out of morbid curiosity, and others just wanna be part of the “club”.

Whatever the case, Six promises to up-the-ante with IFC’s Human Centipede Part 3 (Final Sequence) with a 500-person centipede assembled inside a prison.

But before we get to the mega-‘pede, we wanted to find out a bit about the franchise’s history, including its origins.

It’s been well-known that the idea came from Six wanting to sew a child molester’s mouth to the ass of a fat truck driver, but we had heard Six used semantics – telling them he was making a modern “Frankenstein” film – to get the initial investor on board. We finally have the truth.

“Not entirely. I didn’t tell them it was a Frankenstein movie,” Six clarifies in our exclusive interview. “I did explain the concept of a surgeon sewing people together, but I left out the words ‘ass to mouth.’ I’m sure they would have backed out if I had used those graphic words. Luckily, when they saw the film, they thought it was so brilliant they stuck so many feathers up Ilona’s and my ass, we looked like peacocks.”

One of the most impressive things about the first Human Centipede is how uncomfortable it is without actually actually showing anything truly that disturbing.

Six talks about gradually brings the audience into his world: “For the first film, I wanted the audience to get used to the idea first. A person swallowing turds directly from another person’s ass was uncomfortable enough. In Human Centipede 2, when people were used to the concept, I could go full force.”

“After the first movie, people begged me for more. And that was right up my alley. I enjoyed it very much to rub it in hard, without Vaseline,” Six continues, speaking to Human Centipede 2 critics who said the movie was way too graphic and gross. “No restraints.”

Six also explains the process in coming up with the idea to have Human Centipede take place in the “real” world, making the first a work of fiction.

“I liked the idea of a lunatic copying the idea in real life and making his own Human Centipede, this time without any medical knowledge,” Six said. “For that, the first film had to be a work of fiction.”

Moving our conversation into Human Centipede 3, in theaters and on VOD this Friday, we talked about the franchise going “full Inception“.

“All three films form a movie centipede,” he explained. “Human Centipede 2 begins where Human Centipede 1 ends and same goes for Human Centipede 3. In this sequence, Human Centipede 2 had to be a movie again because in Human Centipede 3, I implement my idea on real life punishment in the prison system, with myself as the brain behind the concept.

“The films digest each other, so after Human Centipede 3 there, all that is left is shit.”

Human Centipede 3 is 100% politically incorrect,” Six continues speaking to his new style of terror. “It would be boring to just add more gore. This film is the most controversial on a whole other level. It’s American style, everything is larger than life. A 500-person centipede XXL.

“Also, the characters are larger than life. It contains misogyny, racism, sadism, blasphemy etc and it’s so funny you could die laughing.”

Speaking to the comedy, I thought Human Centipede 2 was funny, I asked Six about the absurdity and how it’s meant to be a comedy.

Six explained: “All films in my vision are not horror films but pitch black comedies with horrific elements. Human Centipede 3 is the most funny of them all.

“I wanted to go out with a bang, so the audience will be disturbed but very entertained at the same time,” he adds. “Like my Amsterdam massages, the film has a very happy ending.”

Would Six ever make a fourth film? Well, you can read all about that here.

Human Centipede

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