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Tony Todd Would Play Any Role In Jordan Peele’s Candyman [Exclusive]



One of the many projects Get Out director Jordan Peele is producing is next year’s new Candyman movie. Tony Todd had been asked a lot about the new Candyman as he promoted Hell Fest last year, and now that Hell Fest is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray, Bloody Disgusting got to ask him too.

There’s still no word on whether director Nia DaCosta would cast Todd as Candyman again or create a new Candyman. Todd told us he would be happy to play a different role should they decide to recast Candyman.

“I want to be a part of the project one way or the other,” Todd told us.

“Of course, I’d want to be a part of it. I helped create this character. I helped bring him to life so I’m sure if Boris Karloff was asked the same thing, he would say exactly what I say. I know the character inside and out.”

At this early stage, Todd has not spoken to Peele yet either, but that’s understandable. Peele has Us coming out and is working on at least three TV shows, and they’re not ready to shoot Candyman yet.

“No, I haven’t talked to him yet but I know he’s a fan,” Todd said.

“They’re not going to shoot until deep this year so contracts are weird. You don’t want to get into contracts too soon because then you’re locked in.”

Despite the success of the original Candyman, the franchise struggled in the ‘90s. Original director Bernard Rose was frustrated the studio would not make his sequel idea, in which Virginia Madsen wanted to be involved. Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh and Candyman: Day of the Dead suffered diminishing returns, but Todd hopes the new Candyman will be a chance to get the Candyman legacy right.

“I hope so,” Todd said. “I know that it’s in good hands with Jordan Peele. I love his new trailer for Us and I know he loves the character and he respects the legacy. No matter what my personal involvement is, the fact that it’s getting done again will just bring new attention to the original source material. So it’s a win-win for everybody and a win-win for horror fans.”

We’ll have more with Tony Todd for the Hell Fest Blu-ray and DVD out Tuesday, January 8.


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