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If There’s a ‘Hell Fest 2,’ Tony Todd Will Have a Bigger Role [Exclusive]



Hell Fest opened September 28 to play through the Halloween horror season. Set in a horror amusement park a la Universal Halloween Horror Nights and Knott’s Scary Farm, the film introduced a killer who uses the cover of performers and scares to commit real murders. Tony Todd voiced the Hell Fest rides and appeared on camera in one scene, and he tells us that the hope is to do Hell Fest 2 and dig further into the character.

“That was the intent when we went in,” Todd told Bloody-Disgusting in a phone interview for the home video release of Hell Fest. “I know that’s what Gregory Plotkin, the director wants to do.”

“If we at least get two, you get to see more of my character and understand that he owns the park and the consequences of that.”

“Gregory and I talked directly about who he was,” Todd explained. “It’s his attraction. Ideally, every year, it moves to a new location. That was the premise that we worked with.”

The owner of Hell Fest is unaware, however, that he has a real killer on the loose in his park.

“No, he isn’t [aware],” Todd said. “He thought he had a tight ship so that could set up all kinds of elements to play too.”

Hell Fest wasn’t exactly a hit in theaters, and Todd admits that he had higher hopes for the film.

“It went away too fast for me but I hope that with the release of the home video, that it finds a greater audience this time around, because it’s a really good film,” Todd said. “2018 was a great year for horror. I’m proud to be part of a film that was part of that package.”

Todd even had some marketing suggestions that could have sold more Hell Fest tickets, but he’s confident the home video release will ensure Hell Fest 2 gets made.

“We may have missed the boat in getting out even further,” Todd said. “I’m a big fan of advertising during sports events. I’m a huge sports fan and if we had done that, we could have gotten even more people. But now, it’s out, it will be in all the big box store, Wal Mart, Best Buy, Amazon, available now on iTunes. I think there’s no excuse and I think it’ll become enduring, if not a classic, at least in name value. Maybe we’ll get a second chance at it?”

Hell Fest is now available on digital, 4K, Blu-ray and DVD.


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