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‘Hell Fest’ Star Tony Todd Relays His Own Halloween Theme Park Experiences [Interview]



Tony Todd lent his horror cred to last year’s slasher movie Hell Fest, now available on home video. He provides the voice for all the rides in the movie’s horror theme park, and also shows up in an on camera role. Because of his fame from Candyman, Final Destination and other horror movies, Todd gets invited to a lot of horror theme parks, as you might imagine.

And it sounds like he makes sure to have as much fun as the performers do.

“October’s a busy month for me,” the horror icon explained to us during a recent phone interview. “I usually find myself working but I also try to do one or two conventions in that period. Then whatever city I’m in, they want to drag me to their local horror theme park. I’ve seen some incredible stuff over the years. They’re getting more and more involved, particularly the ones that are family run in different places. There’s good stuff out there. I remember one in Ohio. There’s one in New Jersey that was really good. There was one in Alabama that’s pretty detailed. The ones that are successful, their season starts in September and runs through November and they make money.”

“They try to [scare me], but they’re given a list of rules and I know the rules. No matter what they look like or how they engage, they can’t put hands on you,” Todd continued. “So I just try to tempt them into breaking that rule. I know the situation so I get into their face. I love it because if I’m traveling with a group of friends, they’re getting all the kicks and stuff. I’m the one tantalizing the performers.”

Because he is a horror veteran, Todd doesn’t hold it against the parks if they don’t manage to scare him. He is more inspired by the craft they put into the horror experiences.

“There’ve been some really good costumes, but again, I know the don’t touch rule,” Todd said. “So as long as you don’t touch me, I’m good. You can get right up to my nose. They can wave their hands as much as they want to. They can scream, but I’m more impressed with some of the physical rooms that are created, like rooms full of faceless people. The ability to be frightening with stillness is what appeals to me.”

Surprisingly, with Todd’s horror legacy, and now having voiced theme park rides in two films, no actual theme park has ever hired Todd to speak for their attractions.

“Not yet, not yet but it was a good idea for me to do it in the Hell Fest film,” Todd said. “Actually, it’s a followup. The first time I did that was in Final Destination 3 when I was the voice of the roller coaster. Thank God for voiceover work.”

Nor has Universal included Candyman in their annual Halloween Horror Nights…

“No, I used to get a little pissed off at the Universal rides,” Todd said. “They kept skipping my character. Where’s he at? I think maybe with the release of 2020[‘s Jordan Peele-produced Candyman], maybe they’ll honor him finally. Who knows whose voice they’ll use.”

Hell Fest is now on digital platforms, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K.


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