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Which Women in Horror Simply Kick Ass?



For decades now women have been kicking ass and taking names in horror like it’s their job. They’ve proven time after time that they strong, they are capable, and they will survive, no matter the odds. In fact, some of the greatest movies in the horror world are dominated by strong women, ones who kick untold amounts of ass.

With Ghostbusters coming out this Friday and so much vitriol in the air from all parties, I thought it’d be nice and fun to showcase our love of women that we’ve admired for years if not decades. Let’s find something to celebrate, shall we?

As always, here are several of my suggestions and then I want you to share yours in the comments below!

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

She is clearly suffering from PTSD from the horrible events that took place 20 years earlier in Halloween and Halloween II. She has horrific nightmares that see her screaming and thrashing wildly in her sleep, she has issues with alcohol, and she sees her brother Michael in reflections. However, even through her PTSD, she finds the strength to not only stand her ground but to become the hunter.

This is a Laurie Strode that has had enough of everything. She’s sick and tired of running, of letting her fear consume her life and drive her to destructive behavior. This Laurie is done and won’t stop until it’s finally over.

…and then Halloween: Resurrection happened. God dammit.

Sissy Spacek in Carrie

I was a bullied youth. In fact, it wasn’t until about I was about midway through high school that I began to develop even the slightest bit of self confidence or hold any amount of self worth. As a result, I found myself relating quite a bit to Carrie as she tried to make her way through her peers as unseen as possible. And when she got her revenge, a part of me relished every single second even though I knew it was deplorable and not the right way to go about things. But seeing those that caused so much pain and misery receive some pain of their own was, well…it was delicious. Blood-soaked, she made her choice and she followed it through to the bitter end.

Neve Campbell in Scream

Sidney is a character who goes through unreal trauma, both in the death of her mother as well as the recurring attacks on her life, and manages to grow each time into a stronger, more capable woman. I don’t think anyone would blame her for avoiding life after the events of the first film. But no, she goes to college and endures yet another massacre. Had she wanted to become a recluse at that point, I would’ve understood! But no yet again! She became an operator for an abused women hotline, electing to help those who have also gone through their own pains. She still maintained her empathy, even though many others would rightfully shut down. After all of that, she still manages to be relatively normal in Scream 4. Sidney is 100% pure badass.