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[NFF ’16 Review] ‘The Night of the Virgin’ Is Disgustingly Unforgettable



The Night of the Virgin (or La Noche del Virgen) is certainly what one would call an extreme horror film. From shortly into its running time right up until its final frames, it is a movie interested in pushing boundaries. Some are pushed for shock and some for laughs. Hell, more often than not, they are pushed for both. Whether that’s your thing or not, the result is.

The basic set-up is that of a ‘80s sex comedy gone terribly, terribly wrong. Mind you, the film doesn’t aim for that kind of tone or visual style, but that’s the basic start to the narrative. Our protagonist has been goaded into going out with his colleagues to a crappy bar on New Year’s. After numerous failed attempts at wooing a one night stand for himself, he finally gets lucky. Or so he thinks.

He ends up going home with an older woman and things immediately begin to get weird the moment he arrives in her extremely filthy apartment. The first red flag should have been her insistence that he does not kill any of the numerous cockroaches crawling all over her abode. He wants to get laid, so he decides to overlook this and other bits of nastiness, like a bathroom that looks filthier than an uncleaned truck stop restroom.

There are the usual sex comedy speed bumps along the way as well. Rowdy neighbors and a jealous ex-boyfriend both come into play. Insects, filthy rooms, and standard sex comedy roadblocks are the least of his concerns as the story unfolds, however. Once rituals and prophecies enter the narrative, things get astronomically worse for our “hero”.

In any normal sex comedy, our lead would have found out that love is more important than sex and that what he thinks he wants isn’t what he actually wants. In The Night of the Virgin, the former never comes into play, but the latter absolutely rings true. What follows as this night goes on is a never-ending onslaught of wince-inducing, stomach-churning hijinks that have to be seen to be believed. Blood, guts, vomit, semen, anal discharge, etc. You name it and it’s flying all over the screen at some point, often to comedic effect. As I said in my festival recap, it’s a doozy.

The Night of the Virgin is a film I will never forget. I’m not sure if I will ever watch it again, but one I will absolutely never forget. Once again, I hope that it manages to find some sort of distribution deal here in the United States. This is certainly not something for everyone, but I suspect there’s a small, but strong audience waiting to welcome this film with open arms. It is a disgusting, offensive, and often hilarious piece of movie-making and I mean that in the best way.

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