Halle Berry's 'Kidnap' Has a Release Date But it Might Not Have a Distributor - Bloody Disgusting
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Halle Berry’s ‘Kidnap’ Has a Release Date But it Might Not Have a Distributor



The Halle Berry-led thriller Kidnap has a release date of March 10th, 2017, moved from December 2nd, but don’t get your ransom money sorted out just yet as the film might not have a distributor, according to Deadline. The situation is that the film was produced by Relativity Media but they’re going through serious financial woes at the moment, including potentially hitting a stage where they have to go through liquidation, so they simply can’t make the release happen. Therefore, the film is being shopped around for a potential distributor.

Here’s the kicker: if the March 10th release date holds, it will go up against Kong: Skull Island, which is basically a death sentence. That movie has generated serious buzz and it’s only going to amplify in the months and weeks leading up to its release.

Kidnap is directed by Luis Prieto and written by Knate Lee and follows a mother who is hellbent on rescuing her kidnapped son.