WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 35 - Midnight Munchies / Mange Ta Main Vol. VI - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 35 – Midnight Munchies / Mange Ta Main Vol. VI




Despite possessing one of the least convincing drug sequences ever committed to the digital form, Director Stan Hales bong hit-and-bloodsucker short Midnight Munchies is devilishly fun.  This is the type of stoner-schlock one would expect from the ganja-and-gore crowd. The music has some bite, and the spray and scream FX gimmicks are consistent with the campy, gonzo tone of the film. However, there’s way too many sticks and seeds in the performances, but the batty, screwball denouement is inspired enough to satisfy your late night craving for marijuana-and-murder. This may not be the best dope out there, but it will get you marginally high on some laughs.
Cedrick Lavoie’s Mange Ta Main Volume VI is one of the strangest WOD efforts in the compilation. I think this oddball spoof may actually be performance theater masquerading as absurdist cinema. Lavoie’s Andy Kaufman-esque take on the late-night infomercial industry borders somewhere between utterly bizarre and inexplicably compelling; equals parts insane slapstick and self-parody. Surprisingly, it never collapses under its own weight – it just keeps slicing and dicing towards its admittedly predictable, yet irresistibly disgusting climax. Mange Ta Main Volume VI is either a wickedly brilliant satire or a real lowbrow exercise in one man’s fascination with the Puree feature. Either way, this film is a real cut-up.
– Ben Lewandowski

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