Adam Scott Raises the Antichrist in Netflix's 'Little Evil', From the Director of 'Tucker & Dale vs. Evil'! - Bloody Disgusting
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Adam Scott Raises the Antichrist in Netflix’s ‘Little Evil’, From the Director of ‘Tucker & Dale vs. Evil’!



Imagine if The Omen were a comedy.

Halloween is coming early on Netflix as they’ll be giving birth to the son of Satan on September 1, 2017.

Adam Scott, who probably wants you to forget he starred in Hellraiser: Bloodline, stars in the horror comedy Little Evil as Gary (Scott), who just married Samantha (Evangeline Lilly) only to find out that her 6-year-old son (Owen Atlas) is the Antichrist.

Here’s the kicker: The film was written and directed by Eli Craig, who was behind the cult horror comedy Tucker & Dale vs. Evil!

The trailer just premiered and gives huge nods to The Omen, while also delivering all the laughs of Craig’s Tucker & Dale. This looks like an awesome pre-fall primer to set the stage for Netflix’s massive October, which includes the second season of “Stranger Things”.


Donald Faison and Chris D’EliaBrad Williams, Bridget Everett, Clancy Brown, Marcus Terrell Smith and Tyler Labine also star in Little Evil.

Bluegrass Films and Mandalay Pictures produced the project, with Scott Stuber, Jason Michael Berman and Dylan Clark producing and Nicholas Nesbitt and Mark Moran acting as executive producers.

The trailer first appeared on Buzzfeed.

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