Star Lil Rel Howery Responds to 'Get Out' Being Called a Comedy - Bloody Disgusting
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Star Lil Rel Howery Responds to ‘Get Out’ Being Called a Comedy



One of the biggest stories in the horror community this week is that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is eyeing Get Out for potential Golden Globes nominations next year, weirdly considering it in the “Comedy” category.

Granted, there simply is no “Horror” category at the Golden Globes, and it’s nice that a horror film is even being considered, but how in the hell is Get Out a comedy?!

That being said, if there is any single aspect of Get Out that *is* hilarious it’s Lil Rel Howery, who arguably steals the show as Chris’ friend Rod, a TSA agent; Howery is so good at being the film’s comic relief that it’s likely his performance alone that led the HFPA to categorize Get Out a “Comedy” rather than a “Drama.”

So then, what does Howery himself make of all this silliness?

Does this mean I compete for best supporting since I was actually funny in the movie lmao,” Howery tweeted in response to yesterday’s news. “But if I can be honest this is weird to me… There is nothing funny about racism… Was it that unrealistic lol.”

Howery later added, “But I will say this, Jordan Peele wrote a masterpiece that has horror, drama, suspense and comedy in it… And it all was good so hey maybe it just fits in a bunch of categories!!! This my first go around so hey lol…

Meanwhile, Get Out director Jordan Peele had his own (perfect) response…

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