'The Predator' Release Date Pushed Back Yet Again - Bloody Disgusting
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‘The Predator’ Release Date Pushed Back Yet Again



20th Century Fox continues playing the release date shuffle with Shane Black’s The Predator, which will reportedly begin three weeks of reshoots this March. Likely due to those reshoots, the studio has moved the film out of its August 3 slot.

Exhibitor Relations reports this morning that the Fred Dekker-penned franchise reboot will now be hunting humans on the big screen over a month later, on September 14.

Obviously hoping to scare up some of that mad money Stephen King’s IT made last year in what is typically a box office dead zone,” the site speculates.

In The Predator, a group of unsuspecting humans slowly realize that fierce hunter-aliens are in their midst, this time in a suburban setting.

Olivia Munn, Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Edward James Olmos, Alfie Allen and Yvonne Strahovski star.

Jake Busey is playing the son of Gary Busey’s Predator 2 character.


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