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‘Get Out’ Returning to Theaters on President’s Day FOR FREE



One year later, the conversation continues.

In a brilliant move that will help celebrate the one-year anniversary of Jordan Peele’s Get Out proper, we’ve learned tonight that last year’s most talked about horror film will be returning to theaters on February 19, for one day only, which will be just a small handful of days shy of the film’s exact one-year anniversary (February 24).

Yes, that’s a Monday. And yes, that’s President’s Day.

The film will be playing in AMC Theatres on February 19, and most exciting of all, the showings will be FREE for anyone who wants to discover or revisit the film.

Get Out, which is up for a few Academy Awards this year, is one of the most culturally important horror films of our time, and this looks to be Universal’s way of making sure EVERYONE has a chance to see it and talk about it. A wonderful move on their part.

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