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John Carpenter Says He’s Still Open to Making Movies



It’s now been 8 years since the release of John Carpenter‘s most recent feature film, 2010 horror movie The Ward, but Carpenter has been staying busy with his music career. He’s also creatively involved in David Gordon Green’s Halloween, releasing this coming October, which he may even be providing the score for.

Last year, Carpenter found himself back in the director’s chair for a Christine music video, and it was recently announced that he’ll be directing *at least* the pilot episode of upcoming Syfy series “Tales for a Halloween Night,” an adaptation of his award-winning graphic novel anthology. But will Carpenter ever direct another feature film?

As it turns out, the aforementioned Christine music video may have renewed Carpenter’s passion for being behind the camera. Speaking with Mick Garris on the newly-relaunched Post Mortem Podcast, which now calls Blumhouse home, Carpenter teased the future.

Last fall, I went out and made a music video for Christine… it was fun, I loved getting out there and doing it,” Carpenter told Garris. “It was so much fun.”

So do you want to do another movie?” Garris then asked Carpenter. He replied, “Sure, if it’s right. Maybe. [I’m] working on a couple ideas.”

I love it… even the pain of it,” Carpenter added, speaking of filmmaking in general.


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