[Tonight] Shudder Continues “Halfway to Halloween” with FREE Livewatch of ‘The House That Dripped Blood’ - Bloody Disgusting
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[Tonight] Shudder Continues “Halfway to Halloween” with FREE Livewatch of ‘The House That Dripped Blood’



All month long Shudder is celebrating Halfway to Halloween, with creepy curated collections to kick off the countdown to All Hallows’ Eve!

Shudder continues the month-long event with tonight’s FREE Livewatch of Peter Duffell’s The House That Dripped Blood. The 1971 film is an anthology of four horror stories revolving around a mysterious rental house in the UK. Christopher Lee stars.

Join the madness tonight at 9 PM EST!

As for this weekend’s theme, Shudder is celebrating POSSESSIONS! Creepy dolls, pale kids, old houses, you can’t trust any of them!  No religion? No worries – get possessed by bad girl prom queens, Japanese demons, in-camera specters, and moviehouse masks.

Demons: When a young woman begins to suffer the same symptoms as the possessed subjects of the film, she attacks other patrons, turning them into murderous monsters too. Gruesome gore, a killer 80s punk and heavy metal soundtrack and the film’s vivid giallo-meets-new-wave look turned DEMONS into a cult classic. #ShudderH2H

Prom Night 2: In this supernatural sequel to the slasher classic PROM NIGHT, sexually voracious bad girl Mary Lou Maloney is burned alive after winning prom queen in 1957. 30 years later, her spirit returns to possess Vicki, a cheerleader who’s been chafing under her parents’ repressive rules. #ShudderH2H

Noroi: The Curse: This found-footage film is a horror must-see. A prominent paranormal journalist goes missing shortly after completing his documentary. Strange noises, demons, jump scares. This has got it all. Get into it. #ShudderH2H

Found Footage 3D: Whip out your Shudder 3D glasses and rediscover the found footage of FOUND FOOTAGE 3D. An aspiring filmmaker packs up his camera and travels with the film’s crew to a creepy cabin in the woods. But when the fictional evil presence from their film begins appearing in his behind-the-scenes footage, he has to figure out how to stop it, or it just may find its way into the real world. Like Scream did for slashers, FF3D takes a found-footage horror movie and populates it with people who are aware of all of the rules, tricks

Previous weeks highlighted Creature Features, including The Descent, The Gate, and From the Dark, as well as demonic convents, unholy communions, and of course, killer nuns with some very bad habits including Dark Waters, Killer Nun and MS. 45. All are now streaming now on Shudder.

Try Shudder free for a month by going to shudder.com and entering promo code BLOODY at checkout.


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