The Infamous Baby Prop from 'A Serbian Film' Just Crawled Onto eBay - Bloody Disgusting
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The Infamous Baby Prop from ‘A Serbian Film’ Just Crawled Onto eBay



If you’ve seen A Serbian Film, this particular prop certainly needs no introduction. It was used in one of the most infamously vile scenes in horror history, and the prop was on display this past weekend at an event dubbed A Serbian Film Exhibition in Los Angeles, California. Following the event, the screen-used prop is now up on eBay.

The auction‘s description reads:

“The Baby that shook the world! This is the original screen used Baby from A Serbian Film that featured in One of the most talked about, praised and condemned, censored and celebrated, and downright disgusting scenes in cinema history. This rare one of a kind prop can be yours if the price is right.”

Bidding for the prop, with comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Contra Films and Unearthed Films, starts at $6k, and one bid has been placed at the time of writing this.

Talk about a conversation piece, eh?


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