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We’re Pretty Sure John Carpenter Just Teased a Potential ‘They Live’ Sequel…



The original Halloween may not be the only John Carpenter film that gets a decades-later sequel, as follow-ups to Big Trouble in Little China, Starman and Prince of Darkness have all been discussed in recent months. Of course, the Carpenter film most well-timed for a revival in 2018 is probably They Live, and it seems like *something* is indeed going on there.

In a chat with Den of Geek this week, the idea of a “refashioning” of They Live was presented to Carpenter, and his reply to the question was mighty interesting. Carpenter answered, “Well, I’m not gonna tell you about that, because it might be closer to reality than you think.”

The interviewer then brought up a remake that had been in development at one point, to which Carpenter replied: “There was a feature film. It was a feature film called Resistance, written by, oh, the guy who did the Apes movies. Matt Reeves. But then he moved on. And so the sequel is, well, we’ll see. We’ll just have to see.”

Carpenter also touched upon his recent Prince of Darkness comments, wherein he suggested that a TV series may be in the works. He told the site, “I might have done that, huh? You heard it from me. It’s not a lie, but it’s not ready to go yet, so rather than discuss it, I think I won’t.”

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