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Original Version of ‘A Quiet Place’ Script Opened With an Extended Scene Set Way Before the Invasion



The opening scene for A Quiet Place, one of this year’s best horror films, is immediately compelling, introducing us to the Abbot family and wasting no time ushering us right into the horrifying situation they’ve found themselves in. At the end of this opening sequence, one of the Abbot children is killed by a monster, and the film then jumps to one year later.

But the original script for A Quiet Place, before John Krasinski came on board to work on the script and direct the film, had quite a different opening. As producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form just revealed in a chat with Yahoo, it originally opened *before* the invasion.

There was more dialogue in the original screenplay, because there was an enormous flashback sequence that was removed from the film once John took over,” the producers told the outlet. “[It showed what life was like] way before the invasion.”

The duo also noted that the film’s first death, the death of one of the children, was originally shown in flashback rather than real time, and it was unconnected to the alien invasion.

It was a different character completely,” Fuller added. “That character was not in the movie.”

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