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[First Look] ‘Murder Me, Monster’ Investigates Grizzly Murders



1844 Entertainment, an emerging player on the U.S. distribution scene, has acquired North American rights to Argentine writer-director Alejandro Fadel’s supernatural thriller Murder Me, Monster (Muere monstruo muere), Variety reports.

Set in a remote part of Mendoza, backed by stark bleak Andean mountains, Murder Me, Monster begins with rural police officer Cruz investigating the case of a headless woman’s body. The prime suspect is David, the husband of Cruz’s lover Francisca. Sent to a local mental hospital, David blames the crime on “the Monster.” Cruz stumbles on a mysterious theory involving geometric landscapes, mountain motorcyclists and a mantra which he can’t get out of his head: “Murder me, Monster.” His belief in a monster seems justified when one manifests itself in the story.

Says Fadel, the film’s real monstrosity is its “forms of power and control, which are evidently masculine – medicine, the police, religion – installed to control fear, so that people can remain productive, part of a system… The Monster is a representation of a lot of things, but it’s [purpose is] to create emotions, questions.”

A horror movie knit with an art film sensibility, says the site.  “It’s not a classic slasher, but brings more to the table,” said Tommaso Cerqueglini.

Watch for release news as it comes in.

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