Disney Chairman Bob Iger Says Fox's Rated "R" Properties Can Still Continue Under the Fox Umbrella - Bloody Disgusting
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Disney Chairman Bob Iger Says Fox’s Rated “R” Properties Can Still Continue Under the Fox Umbrella



In a massive, game-changing deal that sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry (and beyond), the announcement was first made back in December 2017 that Disney was purchasing *most* of 21st Century Fox, shelling out a whopping $52.4 billion for the assets. In other words, on the horror front, Disney soon owns Alien and Predator.

Mind you, the deal hasn’t yet closed (that’s expected to happen early this year), but we’ve been wondering what this will mean for the future of the Alien and Predator franchises. Will Disney be scrapping all of Fox’s adult-oriented properties, or does the kid-friendly company plan on allowing them to continue under the Fox umbrella? Well, there’s hope for the latter.

During a Disney earnings call today, reported by Discussing Film, “[Disney chairman] Bob Iger has said that they plan on keeping Deadpool an R-Rated brand and plan to further include R-Rated film brands in their future product portfolio.”

Geek Vibes Nation adds, “Bob Iger said they plan to leverage Fox IP once the deal is complete on Disney+ and they are looking at other IP’s to add to the service to increase content.”

We still don’t know exactly how any of this is going to shake out, but the good news is that Disney seemingly has no plans on scrapping “harder” Fox content once they claim ownership of the studio. One thing we can be pretty certain of, however, is that we’ve probably seen the last of Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel franchise, as well as Shane Black’s new vision for Predator.

If we had to bet on it, we’d bet on both franchises being rebooted by Disney/Fox.

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