'Wraith' Will Utilize a "Live", Muslim Exorcism [EFM] - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Wraith’ Will Utilize a “Live”, Muslim Exorcism [EFM]



Wraith the first film to emerge from the slate of Mubina Rattonsey’s Zero Gravity Motion Pictures will shoot in Abu Dhabi in the second half of this year, reports Variety who also shared the above concept art.

The English-language horror thriller being directed by Armaan Zorace (God is Dead) is to feature a live, Muslim exorcism.

The plot focuses on a couple who hail from Seattle and attempt to settle down in a new town. But the house they find contains an evil presence, obliging them to fight forces from other dimensions.

“We will film real a Muslim exorcism, as conducted by the head of a Mosque. Our actors will interact with the ceremony,” director and co-writer Zorace told Variety. “We could probably have staged it, but we prefer the authenticity.

“This is a unique modern ghost story, which the mystery takes us into largely unexplored territory,” he adds. “Abu Dhabi is ideal as it is easy and efficient, but also has the nuances of a Middle Eastern country that one cannot easily fabricate.”

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