Boston Pops Orchestra to Perform 'Jaws in Concert' Score During Screening - Bloody Disgusting
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Boston Pops Orchestra to Perform ‘Jaws in Concert’ Score During Screening



The theme for Steven Spielberg’s Jaws ranks up there as one of the most iconic movie themes in cinema history. Play those opening two notes near a swimming pool and just watch as several people get wide-eyed and quickly exit the water. Sure, it makes no sense but dammit if I don’t feel the same creeping fear enter my body as I tread water in the deep end.

I bring this up because next summer the Boston Pops Orchestra is going to be live performing John Williams’ classic score during a live-screening of the 1975 classic. This production is being led by Film Concerts Live!, who already have done this for films like E.T The Extra-Terrestrial, Raiders of The Lost Ark, and Jurassic Park In Concert.

FCL co-producer Jamie Richardson explains to Billboard:

Since the advent of Film Concerts Live, Jaws has been one of the titles orchestras have expressed the most excitement about. It’s not only a testament to the power and timelessness of Steven’s masterful film, but also to the iconic nature of John’s score, which certainly includes one of the most immediately recognizable themes in the history of the movies, perhaps even in the history of music. Perhaps more than with any other movie, the orchestra itself acts as a character in this film, not merely underscoring the action and emotion, but actually becoming ‘the voice’ of the shark itself.

Williams himself comments, “It’s thrilling for both Steven and me to realize that this unique film still captures the imagination of viewers after so many years, and that audiences now can enjoy the movie live in concert, accompanied by a great orchestra. This is the greatest possible reward for the joyous and fun-filled task of making it.

Per the site, there will be approximately five minutes of unused music that will be restored for the performance. This is not new music composed for the event, they are quick to clarify.

There is no exact date when this will take place but, as mentioned previously, the event expects to be held in Summer of 2017.


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