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Michael Steven’s Haunted Caves Review



Haunted Caves is writer Sammy Montana’s first leap into graphic novels. After a couple pages of reading, the comic feels like storyboards for an almost semi familiar slasher movie. It makes sense since it was adapted from Michael Steven’s screenplay of the same name and that Montana works closely with the Halloween franchise.

The story revolves around a small group of high schoolers on Halloween. Eric, the pranking jerk unusual protagonist, his girlfriend Steph, and their gang of friends go to the ‘Haunted Caves’ haunted house. After their disappointment in the lame haunted house, they go for more dangerous thrills and chills in atypical slasher fashion into a corn maze and the real Haunted Caves. This is where the story starts kicking into overdrive and raises the body count and the teens fight for their lives.

The artwork by Ryan Browne and Scott Keating may not sit well with certain readers but the use of shadows and the ability to make storyboard-like panels really help the pacing of the comic.

Haunted Caves is a great comic for this time of year to read, with Halloween references and the corn maze. The story feels like something straight out of a slasher movie you’ve watched countless times, but Montana changes things around a bit where it feels different. Haunted Caves is a great first step for this group. This being a one shot, I’m saddened not to learn more about the story. But I feel this series is far from over.


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