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Bloody-Disgusting Presents: ‘Late Sunsets, Early Sunrises’ – Meet Victor ‘Viggy’ Myers!



Earlier this week we announced the first ever exclusive comic book series “Late Sunsets, Early Sunrises” that will be debuting for FREE this August from Graphic Content editor, Theo Scheresky and illustrator Idiceanu Mihai. Today you’ll have the chance to meet the first character from the series: ‘Viggy’! Inside you can feast your eyes on some new artwork from the series and get your first glance at Viggy! “From the minds of up and coming creative team of writer/creator Theo Scheresky and artist Idiceanu Mihai, comes the first ever exclusive comic mini-series from “Late Sunsets, Early Sunrises” is a story of death, damnation, and a man’s struggle to recapture not only his lost love, but his own humanity.

Victor “Viggy” Myers

The youngest, and most inexperienced, member of The Don’s elite bodyguards, Victor “Viggy” Myers is best known for being the psychotic hand of the crime lord’s men. As a young man Victor spent most of his life in the slums working as a pick pocket and a thief in Los Angeles before migrating to Nevada to be a part of a boot camp for troubled youths. This was the last Viggy’s parents ever saw of the 14 year old, and when the bombs went off all over the world he did what any other criminal would do…he thrived.

Eventually his exploits brought Viggy to what would soon become known as Lost Vegas. There Victor used his skills in thievery and mutilation to rob and steal his way into the underground ammunition cache of the city’s most powerful figure, The Don. Making off with as many weapons and drugs as he could, Viggy went into hiding in one of the many abandoned ruins that still stood within the city in the wake of the firefight. But like so many before him, Viggy learned very quickly that there is no hiding from the ruler of Lost Vegas, and when The Don and his men found the young man inside the dilapidated old ruin that he called ‘home’, the ensuing showdown became a thing of legend among the citizens.

Viggy killed 8 of The Don’s best men that day, and he might just have killed the man himself had it not been for Butch taking the bullet for his master. Fleeing the scene on foot, the battle culminated in a one-on-one battle between the teenage runaway and the most skilled of all the men under The Don’s employ, Angel-Eyes. Some say that the two went toe-to-toe for hours before Viggy was eventually overtaken, (Though nobody dared to stick around and watch for themselves) and the very familiar shots that came from The Don’s most trusted man’s signature weapon could be heard for miles. Once subdued, The Don decided that rather than kill the boy that had killed so many of his men, he would utilize his skills for his own purposes.

Once a member of The Don’s ‘street team’ Viggy moved up through the ranks earning a reputation for being a more than persuasive interrogator with a penchant for slicing whatever information he wanted out of you. Not only this but Victor also became feared amongst the more ‘fragile’ of the citizens living within the city, and when young women began to go missing after his concerts (As the lead singer of a rockabilly group “Viggy And The Dead Men”) no one dared to ask any questions.

For these reasons Victor Myers became the third member of The Don’s group of bodyguards along with Butch and Angel-Eyes. Quite possibly the most vicious of all The Don’s men if you ask anyone on the streets they’ll tell you… ‘Viggy ain’t dealin’ from a full deck’. Presents: Late Sunsets, Early Sunrises

WRITTEN BY: Theo Scheresky

Set in a time in the not so distant future where most of the planet has been ravaged by World War 3 and the resulting nuclear fallout. Much of the planet is left barren and uninhabitable, and those that were ‘lucky’ enough to make it out of the cities that were touched by the ash are burnt, deformed, or worse.

There are no governments, no rulers, no presidents, no politicians or principalities. Rape, robbery, and murder are no longer just fears in the back of one’s mind but morbid guarantees to those that do not protect themselves accordingly. The only rules are those set forth by those that have the most drugs, and as a result, the most money.

One such man is The Don. A man who controls the mostly dead remains of the graveyard that used to be Vegas. Everything and everyone in the town of ‘Lost Vegas’ is owned by The Don and his men: the psychotic rockabilly punk Viggy, the hulking muscle Butch, and the quiet beautiful man named Angel Eyes. Together these men keep the inhabitants of Lost Vegas controlled with heroine and the threat of an execution order with your name on it. Seemingly the only weakness in The Don’s armor is his wife, Meghan. Beautiful and as majestic to the world now as a cold soda or a warm bath, Meghan is seemingly one of the few untainted and untarnished creatures left in Lost Vegas.

Will Morris is the gardener of The Don’s estate, a handsome and innocent young orphan who is simply trying to survive long enough to earn the money to run away to Missouri where people say that the air is good and the sounds of birds are not just recordings on the old videos. These are the things of Will’s dreams. That is until he sets eyes on Meghan, and she on him.

So sets the scene for the star-crossed love of two people born into a world that has forgotten the meaning of the word. A small piece of paper slipped under a door and sealed with a kiss that reads “Meet Me At The Ruby Slipper”.

A bride dressed in her finest wedding gown in the back of a dimly lit strip club and a suitcase full of stolen cash. A gardener with just the clothes on his back. Together they race through the desert hand in hand towards Missouri, leaving Sin City behind to be together forever.

Until they are run off the dirt road by a black Cadillac and out steps a lover scorned and his men. The two are brutally beaten by The Don and his men and then forced to kneel at the barrel of a gun. The last thing that Will will ever see with his soul intact is the flash of red that exploded from the forehead of Meghan before the deafening sound of thunder that pulled the curtains down on his life echoed through the cascading red hills of the Nevada desert.

Will awakens face down in the sand. A smoking hole occupying the back of his scalp, but besides that no evidence of the events that occurred before he blacked out are visible. Adding to the confusion is the cabin standing against all reason before him, a thick cloud of dark smoke rising from its stack. The door is open. The Gardener stumbles into the house of The Hermit, a shriveled and tired looking old man who might have seen much in his time, but one could not tell with how deep his eyes have sunk back into his skull. He offers Will a seat with the reassuring calm of a grandfather offering the same to his grandchild.

Then the offer comes. The Hermit tells him that Meghan is dead, with the scorpions crawling up and down the very same curves that he once caressed beneath the sheets of his bed. According to The Hermit, The Gardener himself is dead as well, but there is a chance of that changing. IF he says yes that is.

The offer is this: take the lives of 99 evil men so that The Hermit may ‘take what is rightfully’ his and he will give Will back his dearly departed lover good as new. In order to carry out his end of the deal The Hermit promises that he will provide the young man with all the tools necessary. These are the stipulations and these are the rules. There is no negotiation nor is there room to question.

Will agrees. Will is damned.

So begins the story of death, damnation, and morality that is the final days of Will Morris’ soul. For when he awakens Will is less of a man and more of a monster. A monster that cannot step into the sun directly without searing the flesh from his bones and boiling the impossibly stilled blood in his veins. A monster with a hunger for revenge and death that will stop at nothing until its debt is paid in full. A monster that becomes less human by the day, seeming to put a terrible deadline on Will’s contract.

It’s time to go back to sin city. It’s time to get revenge. It’s time for blood to flow.

“ Presents: Late Sunsets, Early Sunrises” Issue #1 (of 6) Will Be Available This August! (MSRP-$3.99 Or As A Free Web-Comic Download For Registered BD Users)

Co-founded Bloody Disgusting in 2001. Producer on Southbound, the V/H/S trilogy, SiREN, Under the Bed, and A Horrible Way to Die. Chicago-based. Horror, pizza and basketball connoisseur. Taco Bell daily.


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