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Converge Reissues ‘Jane Doe’…..FINALLY!



“Jane Doe” has been said it was going to be reissued every year for what feels like at least five (5) years now. Well it was well worth the wait and even though this is a reissue it is on my most anticipated for 2010 now. For those of you who haven’t experienced “Jane Doe” now is a great time to go to your record store and pick it up and hopefully you’ll like it enough to pick up this reissue.

Read more past the break for my little rant on “Jane Doe” as well as where to pick up the reissue of the record.
“Jane Doe” came out in 2001 and changed the way metal and hardcore was going. Think of a hybrid between The Dillinger Escape Plan’s “Calculating Infinity” and Cave In’s “Until Your Heart Stops”. Safe to say this album bitched slapped me in the face and has since become not only my favorite record of all time but the record that changed my life. I’m sure a lot of people reading this if you’re into Converge can agree or at least see where I’m coming from. Which brings me to my point of why I’m so pumped about this reissue. The reissue is being released on 2X12″LP and will be pressed on 5 different colors between Deathwish Inc. and Equal Vision Records. This is an extremely limited release and if you get to it in time there is also a T-Shirt/LP pre-order which is exclusive to this pressing only. You will find the pre-order link below, so hopefully you guys get your hands on this and enjoy it once it comes out. There is not a specific release date but orders will start being shipped in May. Once I get mine in the mail expect a review/retrospective on “Jane Doe”. Until then GET PUMPED!

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