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Exclusive Interview: Natalia Kills



Bloody-Disgusting is excited to bring you an exclusive interview with the up and rising Natalia Kills. She spoke to us about her debut album ‘The Perfectionist’, the videos she is directing and what it is like to be a musician in Hollywood versus London. Check after the jump to see her answers and also to see her video for her song ‘Zombie’. 


1) Let’s start with the basics: Tell me about your musical upbringing and what drew you to music.   
I’m from England and i grew up in a musical house hold… I played drums and wrote poetry when I was very young, and then I went into acting and music. I think there are people who want to sing and people who just do. I’ve always made music, even if it wasn’t a career opportunity i’d still make music. Its how I survive. 
2) What are some of your musical influences?   
Growing up, I listened to Depeche mode, Prince, Queen and Kate Bush… Pop music with a dark honesty behind it. Recently my main influences have come from sound tracks of film because I love drama! If you watch a horror movie on mute its not scary… its the music that dictates the emotion and suspense. the music is the heart beat of cinema… with out music a film is a soulless vessel. 
3) I read that you are based out of both London and Los Angeles. Does the geography of where you live influence your writings at all?   
I live in Hollywood now, but before that I lived in London where its very grey and industrial with beautiful old buildings. The two places are driven by wild desire and ruthless ambition mixed with the need to survive…  so theres always something to become inspired by.
4) Tell me a bit about the your upcoming album, ‘The Perfectionist’. What are you hoping to achieve with this record? 
I’ve always hoped to achieve success without compromising who I am. This album is about my dreams and disappointments as human being… I believe we are all perfectionists, just some more extreme than others. Every time you go on a date or look for a job you are hoping for the best… the ideal… so being a perfectionist is quite unavoidable! This album is not just about me, my dreams and experiences… its a dogma for anyone who wants the best life possible and will suffer for their desires.
5) You’re also writing, producing and directing ‘Love, Kills xx’, a series of short films that are directly connected with ‘The Perfectionist’. Where did you get the idea to do this?   
The show is actually separate from the album. The album is synched to a film I made… the show is just a more personal way to get to know me.  Its about me, being myself but in unusual situations. I wanted to put my imagination on display for my fans to see, so they can tune in and watch whats in my mind and know the real me!
6) What are some of the challenges you face as the writer, producer and director while creating and connecting these short films to your music?   
The biggest challenge is always trying to make sense of myself, so people not only understand my imagination and experiences, but they can relate them to their own lives too. I want to connect with people… invite them into my world, only for them to find its very similar to their own…  but i think that challenges are what add more value to the final creation. I welcome a good challenge! 
7) The episodes all seem to have a very edgy, almost grindhouse feel to them. What about this style appeals to you?   
It feels honest, expressive and natural. I think that sometimes when people use green screen and effects too much it feels almost like a video game and you loose the impact, the personal connection can’t penetrate through the gloss and retouching… so I wanted to stay away from being too ‘digital’. I love old movies and want to show how i’ve been inspired by them. Life is real, not a video game, so i wanted everything to feel more… real.
8) What influence does horror have on you as an artist?  
I particularly prefer Drama rather than Horror. But still, I think Horror is fascinating… I love old Hitchcock films, movies with a story to build the characters and suspense even more. Horror can teach us the art of destruction, whether we destroy the ones we love or ourselves… something we all do at some point in our lives and something we all relate to.
9) When can we expect ‘The Perfectionist’ to come out?   
Around Fall 2010… Watch out!
10) Any last words for our readers?
Don’t ever stop. 


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