GWAR Debut Music Video For 'Zombies, March!' - Bloody Disgusting
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GWAR Debut Music Video For ‘Zombies, March!’



GWAR has released a video for ‘Zombies, March!’ off the upcoming album, ‘Bloody Pit of Horror’, which is slated for a Nov. 9th release. The video was directed by Dave McKendry of Fangoria magazine and can be seen on the Fangoria website

Quoth Lord Oderus, Master of Earth, “The metal warriors of GWAR are proud to present to the human race the first music video from our new album, “Bloody Pit of Horror”, directed by Dave McKendry of Fangoria magazine. The video tells the story of how when we tried to originally shoot this video, the unholy noise of our first single “Zombie’s March”, summoned the dead from their tombs, crash-scenes, and abortion clinics. They eventually ate the crew! Maybe not so great for MTV, but it makes bloody good fun…”
Pssh, seems like Fangoria is always one step behind, right guys? Guys? DAMMIT, I always get left behind!


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