Exclusive Live Photos: Linkin Park Rocking Detroit - Bloody Disgusting
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Exclusive Live Photos: Linkin Park Rocking Detroit



It’s alway a magical experience when the stadium lights turn off and thousands of voices let out a massive roar of excitement and anticipation. It’s the feeling that we’re all one in our appreciation of the music that is about to come. So it was a few days ago in Detroit, Michigan when Linkin Park took the stage at the home of the Red Wings, the Joe Louis Arena. After a surprisingly fun set from opener Does It Offend You, Yeah? and a great set from Pendulum, the crowd was pumped up and ready for a show. And that’s precisely what Linkin Park delivered: a show. Playing a vast set list that hit songs from every album, no fan was left disappointed. The Detroit show also marked the first time that the song ‘Blackout’ was performed live.

The performance of the band and each member was nothing short of fantastic. Those who say that Chester can’t scream live anymore need to get their hearing checked as he let loose a torrent of fury with the utmost ease. Mike moved effortlessly from vocals to keyboards to synths to guitars. The combined vocals of each member created some astonishing live vocal harmonies that I did not expect at all, especially from Linkin Park. 
Something I noticed that made the experience all the more incredible was that it was easy to see how much the band thrived off the energy of the crowd. As the fans cheered and sang along, the band took that energy and put it right back out for the audience. The sheer joy and passion that Linkin Park got from performing was almost tangible. 
If you don’t have tickets to see Linkin Park before their tour ends, make sure to grab a friend and go. It doesn’t matter if they’re your favorite band or not, these guys put on a show that needs to be experienced.
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Linkin Park Detroit Set List:
01) The Requiem
02) New Divide
03) Lying From You
04) Given Up
05) What I’ve Done
06) Empty Spaces
07) When They Come For Me
08) No More Sorrow
09) Jornada Del Muerto
10) Waiting For The End
11) Wisdom, Justice & Love
12) Iridescent
13) Numb
14) The Radiance
15) Leave Out All The Rest
16) Fallout
17) The Catalyst
18) Shadow Of The Day
19) In The End
20) Bleed It Out (Drum Solo/APFMH Bridge)
21) Blackout
22) Papercut
23) Crawling
24) Faint
25) One Step Closer (Extended Outro)


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