Album Review: X Pistols 'Shoot To Kill' - Bloody Disgusting
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Album Review: X Pistols ‘Shoot To Kill’



Do you remember when punk was punk? Fast, loud and anti government. I do, and it kind of makes me feel old. Punk has evolved, but evolution is not always a good thing. That is why punk super group X Pistols stepped into the studio. Comprised of members from the Kottonmouth Kings, Humble Gods and D.I., this group brings you back to the punk basics.

Now, I have to admit it is a little hard to review an album when every song sounds the same. With that said, I am going to go over the high and low points of Shoot to Kill. The first high point comes with track one when they tell you exactly what they are here to do. ‘Put the P Back into Punk’ and that is exactly what they do with their punk lyrics and fast guitar riffs. The second track, ‘Wild Side’ displays how well each vocalist complements one other with their back and forth lyrics. The third track, ‘Beware’ and thirteenth track, ‘I Hate Pigs’ brings you a message that was given back in 1988 by rap group N.W.A. That message being not to trust the police. The first down side comes with track four, ‘Suffocation’. This track just feels a little forced and maybe just album filler. Title track ‘Shoot to Kill’ showcases some of the ultra violet punk rock that I personally love. ‘Here We Come’ features a surprise vocal appearance from label mate Big B. It is also the first track on the album to really shows off the lyrical speed vocalist Dirtball possesses. ‘American Freedom’ brings you those anti establishment lyrics vocalist Daddy X is no stranger to. He has been spreading this message for over a decade. Track ‘Draggin’ Me Down’ comes off a little mainstream and kind of pop punkish for my liking. This track easily could have worked as a single but mainstream has never been a concern for any of these band members. Then you get the punk rock love song ‘Love and Tragedy’ that Lets Dirtball do what he is known for, and that is spitting rhymes. The last track ‘Lock Load Fight Win’ closes out the album exactly how it starts. That being fast, loud and punk rock.


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