Zombies!!! Invades Xbox Live Spring 2011 - Bloody Disgusting
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Zombies!!! Invades Xbox Live Spring 2011



It’s been some time since we last heard anything of the Zombies!!! strategy game’s move to the XBLA. Earlier this year Big Rooster, the developer behind the game, was shut down leaving the game in limbo. Now it seems a new developer, Babaroga, has entered the ring and picked up the game, which has an updated release window of Spring 2011.

If you’re having trouble remembering this game I can’t say I blame you since it was announced way back in 2008. Zombies!!! is a strategy board game that has you trying to escape against an increasingly formidable army of zombies. Sounds like bloody good fun, and it’ll come at a good time because I’m predicting by next Spring we’ll all likely be hungry for some more zombie shenanigans.


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