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Resident Evil 5 May Lead to Unwanted Encounters with Perverts



What would you do if you came home after a long day’s work, you sit down and turn on your Xbox 360 so you can better wind down after a busy day. Maybe you want to jump into a little Netflix Instant Play so you can get caught up on old episodes of Buffy or Hoarders. Instead you’re met with something far more terrifying than people who can’t find the strength to throw their shit away: you find a handful of messages aimed at your 12-year-old daughter, who had recently been playing Resident Evil 5 with the sender of said messages.

This scenario happened to a man in Nanaimo, British Columbia who contacted the police saying the messages began on Monday when his daughter was playing Resident Evil 5 with a man over Xbox Live. Alone this could be innocent enough, but it seems the conversation moved from the Xbox to his daughter’s laptop and when he attempted to figure out the stranger’s name the messages became perverse. Understandably, this scared the guy, who over the next couple days will likely be implementing all of the tools in the Xbox 360’s vast arsenal of parental controls to keep this from happening again. An investigation into the situation revealed the person was 22, lived across the pond and had been chatting with the man’s daughter for two months.

Now, until he sent whatever it was that got the concerned dad to contact the authorities he didn’t actually say anything perverse and on top of that there’s no evidence he had any idea how young the girl was. With that said, this should make for just another cautionary tale to get parents who don’t pay attention to their children’s online shenanigans to keep a closer eye on their kids when they play online. Believe it or not, there are a few freaks out there.

On the bright side, this story could’ve been much, much worse; they could’ve been playing Versus mode.


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