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Top 10 Mortal Kombat Fatalities



I remember the first time I played Mortal Kombat. I was visiting my cousin when we decided to play this new game he had purchased, that of course being Mortal Kombat. After playing it for hours, me as Scorpion, him Sub-Zero, he looked at me and said, “If you beat me, hold block and press up, up, up.” Needless to say, my gaming life would never be the same.

As being a life long MK fanatic, fatalities have always held a special place in my heart. With the release of Mortal Kombat ’11, I figured it was appropriate to put together a list of 10 of my all-time favorite fatalities.


10. Johnny Cage – Nut Pummler

This is brutal‚ yet so funny at the same time. Johnny Cage basically decides to use your junk as a punching bag. Ouch.

9. Kano – To the Beat of a Different Drum

This one is classic. Kano’s heart rip was a fatality that was just obscene and, for its time, graphically impressive. The fact that the heart continues beating in his hand is just gruesome.

8. Kung Lao – Friendly Rabbit

For all of you who passed on MK: Shaolin Monks, you missed out. It was a fun story with a great co-op mode to enjoy with a friend. In addition to the great story, there are some pretty memorable fatalities, this being my personal favorite from that game. Kung Lao does a nice little magic trick with his iconic hat‚ then beats you to death with it.

7. Quan Chi – Break a Leg

This is a no-nonsense fatality right here. Quan Chi rips a leg off, and proceeds to beat you to death with it‚ continuing on even after the pause menu comes up.

6. Shang Tsung – Sad Clown

Borrowing from the Joker’s fatality in MK vs. DC, this fatality is totally outside of the box for Shang Tsung. With a face that only Stephen King’s IT could love, he has a little fun at first. Then he proceeds to BLOW YOUR FREAKIN’ HEAD OFF!!!

5. Sub Zero – Fastball Special

Alright, I’ll admit, the xbox/ps2 era of Mortal combat was mediocre at best. The move to 3D did not go as smoothly as Midway had hoped. Awfulness aside, it can’t be denied that there were some awesome fatalities in this era. What could be better then sub-zero using your head as a baseball? Seriously?

4. Baraka – Spin Cycle

Throughout the years, Baraka has become one of my all time favorite video game characters. Since his debut in MK2, Baraka has had an edge and a slight hint of terror surrounding him. This fatality showcases Baraka’s skills at their peak. The creativity of the MK Team really shines through in this bloodbath.

3. Sub Zero – Spinal Tap

This was one of the gems that started it all folks. The personal favorite fatality of MK Co-Creator, Ed Boon, this fatality was gruesome and shocking for its time. The spine rip is one of the main reasons Mortal Kombat was brought before congress when Senator Lieberman was on his “Video Game Crusades”. Classic, grotesque, and fun describe this fatality in a nutshell.

2. Kung Lao – Log Splitter

My personal favorite Kombatant achieves MK infamy in this masterpiece of a fatality. Ed Boon stated that this particular fatality is “the most painful we’ve ever created”. I agree.


1. Sektor – Scarecrow

Ok, this fatality is just awesome. The Scarecrow is a perfect name for this gore fest. Look at this way, I finally like Sektor because of this.

So what does everyone think?? You’ve seen my favorites, so comment with some of yours and maybe we can get a “Fans Favorites” list together!


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