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Echoes of the Damned #1 Out this Wednesday



Ecohes of the Damned #1 comes out this Wednesday from Devils Due Publishing and done by James Pascoe and Roger Robinson(Batman: Gotham Knights.) The story revolves around a detective with a tortured past who has to capture one more killer before hanging up the badge, the story sounds super familiar until the mystical vibe kicks in….

The one big thing that really stands out to me in the title is the artwork from Roger Robinson. It has a definite Sin City feel to the comic with it’s heavy contrasting lines, layout of the panels and onomatopoeia. This is very evident in the first and last couple pages. I do not want to say too much about the storyline until I see issue #2 to see how more of the story pans out. If you are a fan of Noir style comics and want a little supernatural flair, check this one out on Wednesday.


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