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Marilyn Manson Has a Little ‘Limp’ ?



Occasionally we cover music here on Bloody-Disgusting, but it’s pretty rare. I like to post on the “shock-rocker” bands like Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Slipknot and of course Marilyn Manson. The truth is, it’s pretty much impossible to cover “horror-themed” music without missing about 10,000 bands – who knows, maybe one day we’ll have a music section? Anyways, some pretty huge news was announced – especially if you like either Marilyn Manson or Limp Bizkit. Read on for the scoop via press conference.
Former LIMP BIZKIT/current BLACK LIGHT BURNS member Wes Borland has joined MARILYN MANSON as the group’s new guitarist, according to

he news was announced by Manson himself at a press conference earlier today (view below) ahead of his band’s appearance tomorrow (Friday, August 15) at the ETP Festival in Seoul, Korea.

Manson said, “We have a new guitar player that’s gonna play for the first time tomorrow; it’s the first time we’ll play on stage [together]. His name is Wes Borland and he used to be in a really terrible band that he left because he felt that it was a destructive force in art, and he has his own band, BLACK LIGHT BURNS, but now he is in MARILYN MANSON. We don’t know how permanent that is, but starting tomorrow will be the first step. So this will be the most indestructible MARILYN MANSON.”

Twiggy Ramirez has also returned to the band. I can’t wait until next year!


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